Uses of Hemp Seed Oil: “Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity”

by HempShift | December 6, 2015 5:35 am

When choosing an oil for eating and cooking, many people choose vegetable oil or olive oil. One oil, which is often forgotten or look past is hemp seed oil.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil is recognized as a valuable food source. It has many nutritional benefits.

Popular Uses of Hemp Seed Oil

.Make a Salad Dressing: Often times, when a person makes their own salad dressing, the combine olive oil and vinaigrette. When you substitute the olive oil with hemp seed oil, you are able to make a delicious salad dressing with a greater nutritional value. One very popular salad dressing made with hemp seed oil is Magnificent Miso Hemp Dressing. It includes:

To create this warm and nutty dressing, simply combine all of the ingredients into a small bowl, and drizzle over your favorite salad.

Cooking Meat, Chicken, or Fish: When most people cook with oil, olive oil or vegetable oil are typically the go-to oils. When hemp seed oil is heated, it can add a nutty flavor to your favorite recipes. For example, when making roasted garlic, this oil will make it taste much better than the alternatives. Because it is a healthy fat source, you can be sure that you are eating healthy when using this oil.

Juices and Smoothies: If you are a juicer, or enjoy replacing a meal with a healthy smoothie, hemp seed oil is a great addition to any recipe. The protein that is found in hemp seed oil is more easily absorbed by the body than the protein in meat or in other protein powders. This protein is necessary in promoting healthy cell repair.
When using hemp seed oil in a smoothie or juice, the nutritional value does not change if you add it to your drink when it is cold. Depending on how much hemp seed oil that you use, you may not even taste it in your beverage.

Hemp seed oil should be the oil of choice for anyone who is trying to remove unhealthy oils from their diet. Considering the various uses of hemp seed oil and its nutritional content, hemp seed oil should be everyone’s go-to oil.




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