Hemp, Cannabidiol (CBD) is it Marijuana?

Hemp, Cannabidiol (CBD) is it Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are often confused as the same plant. However, both are extremely different even though they do come from the cannabis family. Usually when you hear the word cannabis, you think of it as weed or pot, but there are actually three different species of cannabis that all have different purposes. Some are for food purposes, other medicinal and some for creating a material that can be used for making clothing, canvases and other home décor.

How is Hemp Different From Marijuana? 

Hemp is different from marijuana as it is harvested for its nutritional food value, natural fibers and moisturizing oils containing virtually no psychoactive compounds. Marijuana is specifically harvested for its medicinal values and calming properties through a chemical compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

The leafy green plant that looks similar to marijuana provides edible seeds that are high in protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin E and minerals, which are nutrients needed by the body to maintain health and energy. You can find hemp seeds in your local grocery store in raw form or in protein shake mixes and snack bars. Many athletes add hemp seeds to their diet to help maintain energy levels and lean muscle mass. Others add the seeds to their diet to battle inflammation, maintain a healthy weight and to reduce inflammation in their body.

The seeds are also pressed for oil, which is useful for making homemade moisturizing body lotions, creams, washes, shampoos and conditioners to help hydrate and nourish the body from head to toe naturally. You can find hemp products at your local pharmaceutical store, cosmetic shop, body care store and department store in the skin and body care isles.

The rest of the hemp plant is useful for its natural fibers, which are typically blended with cotton or silk to make fabric that is tough, yet soft, smooth and easier to work with. The fibers are also useful for creating canvases for artists and woven goods such as rugs. Some parts of the plant are even used to create strong ropes and construction materials to build structures out of due to the strength and sturdiness the plant naturally contains.

Now that you know the difference between hemp and marijuana, you are probably wondering if you can get high from hemp simply because it is a cannabis plant. The answer is no because it does not have the same chemical properties in it as marijuana does. You cannot even get high off the seeds if you decide to add them to your diet. Hemp is a safe natural plant that only provides natural goodness to the world in many forms that are beneficial to humans and animals.




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