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7 Epic Uses For Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has become quite common over the past couple of years. This is mainly the case because it helps you get healthy rather than getting high. Much as its use might be deemed illegal in the United States and

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Uses of Hemp Seed Oil: “Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity”

When choosing an oil for eating and cooking, many people choose vegetable oil or olive oil. One oil, which is often forgotten or look past is hemp seed oil. Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil Hemp seed oil is recognized as

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5 Ways Hemp Will Change Our World

Hemp is the plant of the future. If hemp was used to its full potential, it could be a wonderful plentiful resource that would provide many every day living essentials. This would allow other natural resources in the world to replenish, but

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Hemp, Cannabidiol (CBD) is it Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are often confused as the same plant. However, both are extremely different even though they do come from the cannabis family. Usually when you hear the word cannabis, you think of it as weed or pot, but

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