7 Epic Uses For Industrial Hemp

7 Epic Uses For Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has become quite common over the past couple of years. This is mainly the case because it helps you get healthy rather than getting high. Much as its use might be deemed illegal in the United States and other parts of the world, there are some great uses of the plant that are acceptable. These include the making of clothing, food, fuel and a wide range of consumer and building products. It is also vital to take note of the fact that this plant also helps to clean up soil pollution. These are some elements that make many people want to call hemp as the wonder crop.

Here are seven epic use of industrial hemp today;

  1. Clothing- Hemp has been used for textiles for many years now. Research shows that samples of hemp fabric were discovered in China back in 8000 BC though there have been some great improvements on the same lately. Over the past few years, hemp has broken into the realm of fashion and is even now being used to make lingerie. There are many clothing applications where hemp is used to the best advantage as a result of its high level durability. It provides excellent material for jeans, shoes and a range of sport clothing.
  2. Foods and beverages- Hemp seed is not only edible but also quite nutritious. It contains essential fatty acids. In fact, the whole hemp seed is approximately 25% protein and is also an awesome source of iron and calcium. It also has more omega-3 than walnuts and that is why it is a preferred dietary supplement. Hemp can also be used in iced tea and brewed into beer.
  3. Paper- Over the past 2000 years, hemp has been used for making paper. However, its use is quite low. In the modern day it account for just 0.05% of worldwide paper production. This is probably because hemp pulp is more expensive than wood pulp.
  4. Building supplies- Hemp is also known for providing some good building materials.  You can make hemp into insulation as companies in Ireland and Netherlands are doing.  It could also be used for making well engineered building products such as pressboard and fiberboard.
  5. Plastics- When it comes to plastics production, hemp is also a viable feedstock. Hemp plastic is highly durable and that is perhaps the reason why Ford decided to incorporate it into its car production line. The plastics that are made out of hemp have a good appearance and thus can also be used for purposes of boosting aesthetics.  In recent times, hemp has also been made into shower curtains and DVD cases and a myriad of other products.
  6. Fuel- It is possible to make biofuel from the use of hemp. Just like any other type of vegetable oil, it is possible to take hemp oil and then process it to form biodiesel. Rather than having to destroy the planet by mining, the use of hemp might be a better option in this case.
  7. Cleanup of contaminated soils- One of the most epic uses of hemp is that of cleaning up soil contamination. Late in the 1990s, industrial hemp was used in the site of nuclear disaster in Ukraine in order to help in healing the soil. Due to its fast rate of growth every season, hemp shows good potential of effectively cleaning up land that is contaminated with fly ash, sludge, sewage and many other heavy metals.

Much as many people love to see it as a drug, it has a myriad of health, economic and social benefits that you have to appreciate.




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