5 Ways Hemp Will Change Our World

5 Ways Hemp Will Change Our World

Hemp is the plant of the future. If hemp was used to its full potential, it could be a wonderful plentiful resource that would provide many every day living essentials. This would allow other natural resources in the world to replenish, but as of now, the available resources on our planet are on a rapid decline.

One of the main reasons hemp is not being used is because it is has been illegal to grow in countries such as the United States for almost a century. The reason being, society has been deceived to believe hemp contains THC, a chemical found in marijuana that contain psychoactive properties.

Apart from what many might suspect, hemp contains virtually no chemical which causes an individual to become ‘high’. If more people would realize this, hemp could be grown in more places all over the world and be used in beneficial ways to help add a resource which is natural, bountiful, abundant and fast to replenish. In fact, there are five ways this plant could change our world.

# 1 Paper Products

Products such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, paper plates, office paper and cardboard products are all currently made from wood pulp that comes from trees. Sadly, trees are not an abundant resource. They take on average 30 years to reach maturity, and the products made from wood pulp can only be recycled up to 3 times. However, deforestation would dramatically decrease if hemp was used instead to make the essential paper products we use everyday.

#2 Fabric Materials

Fabrics are essential for creating clothing, towels, bedding, sails, shoes, bags, carpets, curtains and thousands of other things. Sadly, most of our fabrics are made from cotton. If we were to plant hemp, less acreage would be required as it only takes an acre of land to produce the same amount of material in a 3-acre cotton field.

In addition, hemp made fabrics can last for several years, and is four times warmer than cotton made fabrics. Next time you are in need of some fabric made items, look for ones made with hemp materials instead because cotton does not last very long.

#3 Building Materials

You may think building materials made from wood, metals, rubbers and glass are the best kinds to use for constructing a new home or building, but hemp is a far superior alternative solution. Hemp plants can be turned into supplies such as hempcrete, fiberboard, carpet, stucco, insulation, plastic, drywalls, and cement blocks. Best of all, building materials made from hemp wont rot, are fire resistant, pest free and mold resistant making hemp materials eco-friendly and logical to build with.

#4 Fuels for Vehicles

The oil that is pressed from hemp seeds and fermented stalks can be a great alternative for fueling cars. The oil can be turned into biodiesel, ethanol or methanol, which are natural fuels that burn cleaner without being toxic to the environment. Best of all, fuel from hemp is biodegradable, which means less wastelands being filled up with toxic waste materials and more land for the treasures Mother Nature can provide.

#5 Plastic Materials 

You may have heard the phrase, “The world runs on plastic,” which is true.   However, most of these plastics are poisonous due to the harmful chemicals they are made with such as Bisphenol. If your plastic products were made from hemp, you would not have to worry about plastic toxins or having to recycle. Hemp plastics are biodegradable, which means you can just toss them into your compost pile to decay back into the earth.




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